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Information security is now a mainstream requirement for all organizations, of all sizes and industries. The range and variety of threats to your confidential data is not only vast, but growing and evolving all the time. Firewalls and anti-virus protection have been sidelined, only providing protection against a fraction of today's threats to your information assets – zero day threats, mutating malware, APT's or advanced persistent threats, coupled with phishing and insider threats mean that your network and servers are exposed right now.

NNT Change Tracker Generation 7

NNT Change Tracker Generation 7
  • NNT Change Tracker Generation 7
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NNT Change Tracker Generation 7™ delivers market-leading Breach Prevention and Detection Change Tracker Gen 7™ marks the next generation of continuous breach prevention & detection with intelligent file integrity monitoring, compliance management, system hardening, threat intelligence & security configuration management all powered by Intelligent Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control.

Intelligent Change Control:
Leveraging Threat Intelligence to streamline Security Best PracticeChange Tracker™ Gen 7 heralds a new ‘Intelligent’ approach to system integrity monitoring, more usable and more effective for real-time breach detection. Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control (CLICC) reconciles the benefits of forensic-level change control with the hitherto onerous workload associated of reviewing and acknowledging reported changes. Change Tracker™ literally learns the difference between good and bad changes, automatically promoting legitimate changes to Planned Changes, leaving behind only potentially harmful, unplanned changes for review.

What's New in Change Tracker Gen 7™Download the full pdf overview highlighting all the key improvements and killer features introduced for Gen 7™
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NNT Log Tracker Enterprise

NNT Log Tracker Enterprise
  • NNT Log Tracker Enterprise
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Log Analysis or SIEM, is a key weapon in the fight against any cyber-attack. By gathering logs from all devices including network devices, Unix and Windows servers, applications and databases, and analyzing them for unusual or suspicious activity, the method and source of any attack can be identified, enabling preventative measures to be continually improved.

This is why all security policies place log retention at their core. PCI DSS compliance for example, requires logs to be gathered and reviewed daily, and retained for at least one year, but all other compliance standards mandate the use of SIEM technology to detect and forensically investigate security incidents: “capture”, “monitor”, “review”, and “retain” log data.

NNT’s complete solution for all Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) requirements provides:-

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology has revolutionized the use of log analysis as a means of identifying the clues and pointers indicating a hacker activity to provide a powerful cyber defense system.

  • Support for all Security and Governance policies, via pre-packed Compliance Rule Templates
  • Real-time security warnings i.e. Attempted Brute Force Attack
  • PCI DSS, SOX, NIST 800-53, DISA STIG, HIPAA, NERC CIP and NRC RG, DODI Defense Cybersecurity Program
  • FedRAMP
  • COBIT of Connection support ‘out of the box’
  • Web-based dashboard and integration with Servicedesk as standard
  • Powerful, keyword-based Event Log mining across any combination of devices and applications
  • Easy to expand coverage and storage
  • Log Tracker Enterprise™ allows you to focus on true exceptions and important events by masking off the sometimes overwhelming flood of logs. The pre-built Compliance Templates can be used to build your own keyword and logic-based correlation rules, allowing you to manage what really matters to your organization from a security and compliance standpoint.


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